Product photography pricing

Product Photography

We provide ideal product photography at a low cost. Our seasoned photographer and creative director are both veterans of product photography. We know how to set up your product and make it look pristine.


  • 1-10 Photos – $50 each
  • 11-49 Photos (30% off) – $35 each
  • 50+ Photos – Call Us!

Our base price for photography includes all of the following:

  • Table top set up – products 3’ x 3’ in size (oversize available)
  • White, black, or gray background
  • Shadow, no shadow, or reflection
  • Product prep (minor assembly, stuffing soft items, steaming cloth)
  • Professional retouching (removing dust, scratches, minor defects)
  • Illuminated displays or lit candles
  • Final 1200x1200 eCommerce JPEG images (larger available)
  • Royalty-free unlimited use license
  • Our base price includes up to 3 featured products. For more products per shot, add:
    • 4-6 products add $15 per shot
    • 7-10 products add $30 per shot
    • More than 10 products per shot – Contact Us

Add Transparency

Need more versatility? We can add transparency to any product photography. Essentially, this drops out the background. You can then place the image over any colored or patterned background you like and still retain those clean edges that make your product pop.

Add $10 per photo

Hero Shots

Show your product at its absolute finest. Hero shots are rigorously processed to ensure the product is presented flawlessly. They’re extremely high resolution and can withstand the most critical scrutiny. Any imperfections like worn edges, scuffs, scratches, or marks, will be edited. We’ll have your image looking perfect.

Add $10 per photo

Ghost Mannequin

Clothing shot flat doesn’t always convey the fit. Sometimes it needs to be on full display to properly communicate to the consumer how it will look on them. Using a special technique, we can give apparel the appearance of being worn without hiring costly models. A ghost mannequin is the perfect middle ground for an inexpensive model treatment.

Add $10 per photo

Hand Modeling

Hands go a long way in providing scale, demonstrating use, and highlighting features. Whether it’s jewelry, small appliances, or apparel, a hand model is a great way to help the consumer imagine the product in their own hands.

Add $10 per photo

Custom Shots

Don’t feel limited to the aforementioned services, though. We’re adaptable and resourceful. Our custom shots are quoted privately and vary depending on the size of the job. Custom shots are primarily for larger group shots or images that present a context. Contact us with any questions regarding a custom shot. We’ll be happy to discuss the project and get you a quote ASAP.

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