Launching an e-commerce business can be tricky. Acquiring a product line, deciding which business software to use, and choosing your sales platforms can all be daunting tasks.


On top of all that, each sales platform, whether it is Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Jet, etc. has its own image requirements for listing product photos. How can new sellers ensure that their listings meet the technical specifications for the selling platform they’ve chosen and have listings that look professional enough to compete with other sellers? The answer is simple – by having products professionally photographed by a commercial photographer. Everybody knows that commercial photographers make models look flawless and desirable – but did you know they do the exact thing with products too?


                                    Which one would you buy?

Just take a look at the difference between these two photos. They both contain the exact same product, but the picture on the left was taken by a standard iPhone without any special lighting, while the picture on the right was taken with professional equipment and lighting in a studio environment. The professional photo was also ‘processed’ to optimize contrast, color saturation, and other effects that fine-tune the image to look its best. This can best be illustrated by showing the comparison between the raw photo (left) and the processed version (right). Even though this photo was taken by a professional photographer, the processing step is needed to really achieve the optimal result. All photos in magazines, product catalogs, and on larger retail websites have been professionally shot and processed.

As you can see, there’s a huge difference! Which product do you think looks more appealing? Which do you suppose will generate more sales?

The good news is, even brand new e-commerce sellers can get these results at an affordable price. iProductPhoto is here to make your online business look its best, and we offer prices that are an easy investment into your future success in e-commerce.

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